Raw Potato Juice Benefits for Skin and Health

Potato Juice Healthy Benefits

Onhealthmeup.com – Potato juice offers a wealth of nutrients, as well as antioxidant, potassium,  vitamins B, calciumiron, phosphorus, copper, and sulfur, among different phytonutrients and organic compounds. strangely enough, most of the nutrients in a very potato square measure within the skin, therefore it’s necessary that you just don’t peel potatoes once creating your own juice reception.

Most people have not thought-about drinking a tall glass of potato juice, however, the spectacular health edges of this uncommon vegetable juice might surprise you. Made of the starchy tuber of the Solanum tuberosum plant, potato juice has been used everywhere around the world for hundreds of years. Whereas the flavor is very unappetizing and starchy inconsistency, it’s a superb juice to combine with different vegetable juices for a nutrient-dense drink. Potatoes square measure extraordinarily widespread and quite cheap, functioning as a staple crop in some part of the planet, in order that they square measure wide out there for somebody needing to attempt a very distinctive drink.

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Potato juice owing to the presence of the many nutrients has a formidable list of health edges. Let’s consider the amount of the advantages.

1. Boosts The Immune System

Potatoes contain an important amount of vitamin C – the nutrient that treats colds infection and helps to improve the body immune system. Drinking a full of glass of potato juice regularly wards off diseases and boost your immunity.

2. Improves Circulation

Niacin is a kind of the B family that consists of high levels of potato juice. This vitamin able to stimulate circulation, which will improve oxygenation in other parts of the body, along with the delivery of important nutrients for repair and normal function.

3. Relieves Arthritis

Potato juice has amazing anti-inflammatory effects that help to relieve most of the pain related to swelling, inflammation, or redness. Drinking potato juice can cure arthritis and other joint and back pains associated with arthritis. Traditional remedies also applied with compressed potatoes to the joints directly or taping a cut potato to the joint to reduce the soreness and pain.

4. Speeds up Wound Healing

Potato juice consists rich in vitamin C that helps to boost the production of collagen and in turn speed up the healing of wounds and sore muscles.

5. Heals Ulcers 

The researcher at Manchester University discovered that potatoes contain amazing unique antibacterial molecules that cure ulcers and heartburn Drinking a glass of potato juice daily works as a preventive health treatment to stop stomach ulcers development  and also works as a good antibacterial probiotic drink

6. Improves Heart Health

There is an essential amount of potassium in a full glass of potato juice, more than 50% of your daily required intake. This means that starting your wonderful day with a glass of potato juice will improve the strain on your cardiovascular system to relieve tension on blood vessels and arteries, thus lowering your blood pressure. This will also reduce your risk of heart attack, atherosclerosis, and stroke.

7. Detoxifies The Liver And Gallbladder

Potato juice is one of the cheapest and simple ways to cleanse the liver and gallbladder. The Japanese use this juice to treat hepatitis.
You can try testing its detoxifying effects by consuming a glass of potato juice every day as soon as your morning or 30 minutes before breakfast.

8. Lowers Cholesterol

Potatoes contain important nutrients like fiber and vitamins A, B-complex, and C. These nutrients help to reduce the cholesterol levels in the body. Drinking a glass of potato juice without straining out its pulp regularly can be most beneficial for your health improvement and cholesterol levels.

9. Treats Ulcers

Potato juice has a well-known antacid material and has a slightly alkaline pH. It can balance the acidity in your gut and prevent/treat gastric ulcers. This can form a protective layer on the mucosal lining of the stomach to reduce the pain and discomfort of this common condition as well.

10. Treatment For Migraines

It’s stated that raw potatoes and their juice have been used in European traditional medicine for thousand years. A sliced of potato or potato juice is rubbed on the forehead and temples to relieve pain, stress, and even migraines. However, it is no scientific research done yet to back up this claim, but the positive results have been recorded from people all around the world.

11. Improves Digestion

The starch material of potato juice has been related to a number of digestive issues and can help to soothe inflammation in the gut and promote digestion, reducing symptoms of constipation, bloating, cramping and indigestion.

12. Cures Constipation

Potatoes consist of the important amount of fiber, a non-nutrient that is amazingly helpful for treating constipation and cleansing our digestive system . Drinking a glass of potato juice with the pulp helps in cleaning the GI tract and curing constipation system.

13. Boosts Energy Levels

Potato juice is an excellent energy booster, as the natural sugars found in this juice are easy forms of energy. Furthermore, potato juice has a high level of thiamine, which can improve the body’s ability to break down carbohydrates into usable energy.

14. Speeds Up Wound Healing

Potatoes are rich in vitamin C, a nutrient that improves the healing of scar tissue aids bone growth protection, repair and reduces infections. If you have injured, drinking potato juice also can help boost wound healing and tissue recovery.

15. Prevents Aging

Potato juice prevents aging and reduces wrinkles on the skin. Mix potato juice with curd and apply on the face or skin regularly to reduce as well as delay the onset of wrinkles. You have to dab potato juice on your face with a smooth cotton ball every day to prevent the appearance of wrinkles and give your baby face.Research has proven that potato juice is able to keep the skin and deliver antioxidants to the surface of the skin, which can help prevent the appearance of wrinkles and aging while protecting against inflammation and also skin infections.

16. Improves Circulation

Potato juice contains a number of niacin, a kind of vitamin B-complex components. This vitamin not only helps boost your energy levels but also improves the delivery of oxygen and beneficial nutrients to other organs of the body. It helps to boost blood circulation throughout the body, thus keeping a normal body function 

17. Reduces The Risk Of Cancer

A 2016 research was carried out on other varieties of potatoes to test their anticancer capacities. The result shows that the rapid part of cancer cells was significantly reduced by consuming potatoes 
Potatoes contain chemical materials called glycoalkaloids, which belong to anti-tumor properties. Hence, drinking potato juice regularly reduces your risk of developing any cancer.

18. Helps Treat Kidney Disease

Regular consumption of potato juice is related to better kidney functioning and a low risk of calcium stone formation.
Less research is proven in this issue but many people claim that the potato juice treatment actually works for them.

19. Treats Sciatica

Sciatica is characterized by excruciating pain originating in the lower back part and also radiating down to the legs. Simple home remedies work very well to treat sciatica, and potato juice is claimed to be one of the most effective treatments.
Potato juice reduces nerve irritation and helps in the movement of the legs. Just drink half a cup of raw potato juice at least twice a day to relieve pain.

20. Treats Gout

Gout is a kind of arthritis that is caused by inflammation and swelling in the joints related to the deposition of excess uric acid.
Potato juice has anti-inflammatory properties, and it neutralizes and reduces excess uric acid from the joints. This makes potato juice one of the best natural treatments for gout and pain associated with arthritis.

21. Prevents Cardiovascular Disease

Potato juice contains antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that protect the heart from artery blockage and cardiac arrest, hence promoting heart health.

22. Aids Weight Loss

Some people make a mistake to assume that drinking potato juice will lead to weight gain. However, research has proven that potatoes actually aid weight loss.
Potato juice contains much of vitamin C, which helps to boost metabolism. A study conducted by Arizona and Columbia Universities recommends that potato is truly a fat burner.
Consuming potato juice after meals inhibit the growth of the hunger hormones (ghrelin and leptin), which prevents overeating and results in weight loss.

23. Hydrates Your Skin 

Potato juice contains a high number of vitamin C, which is very beneficial for hydrating your skin.
For deeper hydration, mix potato juice with yogurt and apply it to your skin. Rinse after 15 minutes, and you will notice your skin has turned brighter, tighter, and moisturized.

24. Makes Your Skin Clear And Blemish- Free

The peels and juice of potatoes have skin bleaching properties that help to clear blemishes and correct uneven skin tone. Home remedy is better and more simple than expensive chemical-rich creams treatments.

25. Treats Eczema

Eczema is a skin condition that is characterized mainly by extreme dryness of skin, associated with other symptoms like redness, itching, flaking and scaling of the skin.
One of the best natural remedies is potato juice treatment. What you can do is drinking a glass of potato juice every day, or apply it topically to the affected areas. So far, there is no research that supports this claim.

26. Improve Healthy Hair

Potato juice improves the overall health of the hair and treats conditions like dandruff, dryness, and itching of the scalp.
Take the juice of 2 raw potatoes and add 1 tablespoon of honey and the yolk of an egg. Apply this mixture to your hair roots and shampoo as usual after one hour. 
 All these benefits for the wellness, skin, and hair beauty, but how do we prepare this juice?
It’s so simple, a child can do it. But remember you must keep sterilizing in process. Let’s find out how.
Potato juice requires a simple more effort than other vegetable and fruit juices but the juice is really worth the squeeze. Again, your immediate urge will be to peel the potatoes, but avoid this, as you will get many more nutrients if you leave it on. In this case of potatoes, you need to scrub them particularly very well, and be sure to cut out any bruises or deep notches of dirt, as well as “eyes”.

How To Make Potato Juice


3 large potatoes
2 cups of water

Other vegetables as any treatments to apply (e.g., celery, cabbage or spinach, if desired)

Procedure :

Step one – make sure that potatoes square measure totally clean and away from eyes and bruising.

Step a pair of – Chop the potato into smaller chunks, going away the skin on.

Step three – Add potato and water to your mixer.

Step four – mix totally for 2-3 minutes.

Step five – Strain the alloyed material through a sieve or gauze to get rid of the juice.

Step six – Press the potato pulp or squeeze the gauze to extract the maximum amount juice as potential.

Step seven – Refrigerate the potato juice for 2-3 hours.

Step eight – Stir well before serving chilled, and enjoy.

Note: you’ll be able to mix any natural material such ginger or turmeric, to extend the efficiency of the juice. guarantee in the sterile method.

Can I Store It?

Made an oversized amount of potato juice and square measure currently questioning a way to store the leftovers?

Make sure you don’t create a lot of potato juice than needed. solely create the maximum amount as you’ll be able to consume at once. Potato juice is most useful provided that it’s consumed inside twenty minutes of constructing it.

But if you’re still keen to store it, you’ll be able to refrigerate the juice in an associate airtight glass jar for concerning one to a pair of days solely.

Side Effect Of Potato Juice

Yes, there square measure many points to contemplate before you begin exploitation potato juice:

This juice will cause the associated symptom, diarrhea, and expulsion if consumed in excess.

Potato juice has high levels of sugar, therefore diabetics ought to take care whereas drinking it.

Pregnant and breastfeeding ladies ought to consult their doc before drinking potato juice.

Now that we’ve talked all concerning the advantages and aspect effects, let’s wrap this up and find straight to the lowest line.

Despite all of those spectacular health advantages, potato juice will have some negative aspect effects, together with channel distress or elevated glucose levels. However, these aspect effects square measure usually older by people that prepare the potato juice incorrectly or drink it in excess. Generally, there are not any negative aspect effects of drinking this vegetable juice.

Diabetes – Potato juice will have a high level of natural sugars, which may be dangerous for anyone with glucose problems, like diabetics. Intake ought to be moderate in each case however diabetic patients ought to be particularly careful concerning the glucose-raising qualities of this juice.

Stomach problems – getting ready this juice with the correct potatoes is essential, which suggests that there ought to be no eyes or pits within the potatoes your mix. Their square measure bound toxins in contemporary inexperienced shoots of potatoes that may cause the symptom, dyspepsia, and nausea, therefore solely clean and contemporary potatoes ought to be accustomed create this juice.

All delicacies go with a clause. Here square measure many stuff you may understand before you begin juicing up all the potatoes in your room.

Q & A :

Can potato juice be refrigerated?

Yes, it ought to be cold if it isn’t consumed at once.

Can potato juice be left long on the face?

Yes, you will leave a potato juice mask long on your face.

How long will potato juice last?

Potato juice will last within for a most of three to four days. however, it’s counseled to consume it as contemporary as potential.

Can we tend to apply potato juice on the face for removing hair?

Potato juice doesn’t facilitate hair removal. It will be applied to reinforce skin health.
Where am I able to buy raw potato juice?

Raw potato juice is a best-created reception. however if you would like to shop for it, you’ll be able to find some online websites like Amazon.

Does applying potato juice on the face get obviate acne?

Yes, regular application of potato juice on the face helps to filter skin condition.

Does the juice of potato facilitate in removing tan?

Potato juice is very helpful in removing tan since it’s powerful bleaching properties.

Are potatoes sensible for constipation?

Yes, potatoes and potato juice square measure terribly effective for constipation.

Can I take potato juice each day?

Yes, potato juice is taken daily, however, no more than one to a pair of glasses.

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